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On 09/24/2012 by udblogger

Fia Dyer from Girl about Dubai shares her style file with United Designers…

What trend will you be showcasing this Fall/Winter 2012?

I will definitely be wearing a lot of leather and studs this season. I also love the whole military trend and am hoping to get my hands on a military style jacket very soon! Of course I will be showcasing sequins as I do every winter! Oh, and I also can’t wait to start wearing my Dr. Martens again, they are my babies!

What advice can you give to someone who wants to freshen up their look but doesn’t want to buy too many items?

I’d say choose two or three key trends for the fall/winter and buy a key piece from each. Make sure this piece is interchangeable with your current wardrobe though, for example a trench coat or pair of new boots will add an ‘on trend’ edge to your outfits. If you are going to go for a classic item I’d advise you to splurge a little on it, as a classic trench coat will never go out of fashion and will definitely ‘freshen up’ your look. 

What’s the best thing about winter in Dubai?

100% the weather! It’s just cool enough to be able to wear jumpers but not Arctic style cold like England where it is hard to look fashionable on account of having to wear so many layers! It just gives you so much more freedom in terms of deciding what to wear, when not having to think about the cold. The peace of mind that even if you forget your coat you’re not going to catch Pneumonia!

What will you be packing for your winter break?

Seeing as I’m going back to London, all my knitted jumpers and bulky coats! There is something nice about after being in Dubai to go back to England and wrap up warm. I also love wearing dainty gloves, so I will be packing some of those. I could never leave Dubai without my Dr.Martens so they will of course be coming with me!

What is your favourite upcoming trend?

Oriental designs have been everywhere this London Fashion week! I can’t wait to see how everyone wears it and how the high-street stores interpret this trend!


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