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On 09/20/2012 by udblogger

Stunning blogger Ghida Arnaout from MonkyseeMonkydo shares her style file with United Designers…

What trend will you be showcasing this Fall/Winter 2012?

I’m not really a trend follower I believe that style is very individual and a reflection of your personality. It’s not about what brand you wear it’s about how you wear it.

What advice can you give to someone who wants to freshen up their look but doesn’t want to buy too many items?

Accessorize! You can really make any outfit stand out with the right accessories. Even a plain tank top and jeans can be modified with adding a statement necklace for example or unique shoes. If you don’t even want to buy accessories just grab some scissors and embellishments and transform your plain t-shirts. You can always find a way to create new looks with what you have. 

What’s the best thing about winter in Dubai?

That you don’t have to wear a million things just to be warm! Although I really do miss winter sometimes but I like the fact that there are no blizzards to face with layers and layers of clothes. You can just put on a denim jacket or a blazer on your outfit and you’re good to go. I miss wearing boots sometimes though but you can still pull off ankle boots.

What will you be packing for your winter break?

I’m not sure I will have one! But if I did it will be hats, hats and more hats! Best thing to cover your hair from the rain and to keep your ears warm. I would definitely pack a coloured coat as well. I try to add as much colour as I can to my winter wardrobe to put the gloom away! Scarves are very essential too.

What is your favourite upcoming trend?

As I said I don’t like to follow trends but if I had to choose my favourite trend for this fall/winter it would be military and jumpsuits.

Take the lead from Ghida and liven up your look with some super accessories, like this cute clutch from Black Apple Designs, and shoes from Nancy’s Corner…



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