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On 09/02/2012 by udblogger

This week the fabulous Rafa E from Restyle Guide  shares her style file with United Designers.

What is your summer essential?

This season has been all about pantone shades. A pair of brightly-dyed denims can add the perfect punch to any outfit – be it a simple summer tee or a blazer at work. My favorite happen to be a pair of bright yellow shorts that I would carry from a casual day at work (with a white-button down shirt and a bold hounds tooth print blazer) to the beach (with a white tank-top!)

What trend will you be carrying on through to Fall/Winter?

Minneapolis is a very fashionable place during fall/winter. Blazers start coming out as the leaves change color and before you know it, it’s time for tweeds & faux-fur again. Spring/Summer was fun, bright and punchy with elements of subdued dark colors, lace and wild ethnic prints. I will be carrying those as we get into the cosier season. Cropped trousers with lace detailing, chunky press-on vintage earrings – the combination is fabulous.

What inspirations do you take from the Middle Eastern fashion scene?

Scarves! I am absolutely a scarf maniac, and have more than my share acquired from all over the world. I tend to be more neutral in my palette so with seasons like this past spring/summer, I began by combining my nudes, blacks and greys with punchy bright exotic scarf and chunky arm party bracelets.

Sum up your style in one word.

Global-Citizen, I spend my year between Italy, Dubai and the United States and I accessorize accordingly.

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