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Bloggers Unite aims to create interactions, reputation and collaborations with Bloggers based in the UAE and around the world. We have endless enthusiasm for everything fashion and hope that Bloggers Unite gives you inspiration, creativity and new ideas.

What to be part of Bloggers Unite?

We are always interested in having guest bloggers and love experiencing new blogs. So whether you are in Dubai, the UAE or further afield we would love to hear from you.


Style Files aims to Unite Bloggers from around the world, by sharing their style essentials, tips, and season focused trends.

Our bloggers

Florence Fletcher from Florence’s Roundabout.

Based in the UK Florence frequents our golden sands over here in Dubai taking inspiration from Middle Eastern culture and fashions.

Rachel Duggan from Classic with Colour 

Classic with Colour was born out of innate love of fashion and celebrates young designers based in Dubai, where Rachel is based and Dublin, where her sister is based. They do a feature which is like to called ‘Responsible Fashion” which focuses on a brands sustainable efforts as well as relevant beauty features, style features and interviews. But the main focus and where the concept came from was to find young designers in both destinations that they like and can use Classic with Colour as a platform to mutually celebrate and promote them.

Hayla Ghazal from Hayla with love 

Hayla’s UAE based blog Hayla with love is a feast for the eyes, and takes her inspirations from her favourite quotes.

Sara Kirat from Sara in Dubai

Sara is a funky blogger from Algeria, but is based in Dubai. Her super cool blog is so on-trend.

Jen & Kate Smith from Dubai Desert Twins

The edgy duo who originate from Birmingham in the UK bring British charm and quirky fashion to the Dubai Desert.

Yasmine Kara from The Sequined Banana

Based in Beirut Yasmine brings dazzling style to our Bloggers Unite community

Rafa E from  Restyle Guide 

Rafa shares her time between  between Italy, Dubai and the United States, her fab blog has comprehensive guides to all the latest trends.

Parisa and Lydia from The Fashion Hub

These fab sisters are fashion obsessed. Currently studying fashion marketing and art & media respectively, they are two sisters on a revolutionary road to the fashion world.

Walaa Ad from FASHINDOWS 

A blog about the  Woven World of Fashion,  Beauty, Art, Creativity, Love, Shopping,  Adventures, Gossip, Prettiness, Stubbornness, jewels, Hope & Much More.

Hind Adib from Hind Adib

A new Fashion Designer who blogs about her personal view of fashion and photography.

Nouna Khorasanee from For  The Love of Fashion

A Fashion Student at the French Fashion University Esmod Nouna is currently studying to get her bachelors in fashion design and pattern making.

Miya from Miya Blog

It’s all about the thoughts of a random hadrami girl who was born & raised in Saudi Arabia, who likes Arts, Books downloading, Fashion and Photography.

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