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On 07/22/2012 by udblogger

This week Hayla Ghazal from Hayla with love shares her style file with United Designers…

What is your summer essential?

It’s boiling hot outside which means it’s finally time to show off your manis by wearing a gorgeous pair of sandals! Another essential would be sunglasses.

What will you be packing for your summer vacation?

I already went on vacation and I packed a lot of statement necklaces, but if I were to travel again soon, I would pack a few turbans and wear them in different ways as they are really on trend right now!

What trend will you be carrying on through to Fall/Winter?

The Fedora! I think it will be really big this Fall/Winter. I love how it adds a trendy look to absolutely any outfit!

What inspirations do you take from the Middle Eastern fashion scene?

I don’t take most of my inspiration from the Middle East , I get my inspiration from random things and places. Sometimes, it could be a really cute picture, a song, an editorial or even a quote that would inspire me. If an outfit from a magazine or website catches my attention, I would tweak it and change it around in order to create an outfit that would suit my personality and reflect it.

Sum up your style in one word.

I can go from a bohemian look to something really girly and elegant. It all really depends on what mood I am in!

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