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On 08/21/2012 by udblogger

Dubai based duo Jen and Kate Smith from Dubai Desert Twins share their style file with United Designers

What is your summer essential?

Our summer essential would have to be spiked cut off denim shorts with an edgy, fun t-shirt with some vintage accessories and with of course some Jeffery Campbell sandals.

What will you be packing for your summer vacation?

For our summer vacation we would take maxi dresses, cut off denim shorts and sleeveless jackets, lots of colorful blouses and skinny jeans and some plain tank tops because they will go with anything.

We would definitely take a lot of accessories because they compliment your outfit. We wouldn’t go anywhere without our Jeffery Campbell heels and flats. And lastly we would have a few fun and bright bikinis and maybe with a dip dyed dress for a cover up for on top of your bikini. 

What trend will you be carrying on through to Fall/Winter?

During fall & winter we would be wearing a lot of denim and leather clothing. At the moment we love body fitted clothing as it is really popular and it shows off your curves.

We are starting to wear blackmilk leggings from Australia and they are not that popular in the Middle East as of yet but we think once people have seen their products there will definitely be a high demand for these leggings.

We still really enjoy wearing clothing with studs, as it looks very edgy and eye catching. As an outfit we love denim cut off shorts with a loose, thin, netted jumper and some simple vintage accessories.

We find that satin and lace mix clothing is starting to become very trendy at the moment and that is definitely something we would want to purchase and blog. Satin and Lace is very elegant and it even has an Arabic influence.

What inspirations do you take from the Middle Eastern fashion scene?

When it comes to fashion within the Middle East we get inspired by the tiniest bit of detail on a piece of clothing or accessories. Local designers really know how to add something new, fresh and eye catching to their clothing but still making it look modern. 

Sum up your style in one word

To some up our style in one word it would have to be, Edgy

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