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On 07/30/2012 by udblogger

Sara Kirat from Sara in Dubai shares her style file with us

What is your summer essential?

Ripped jean shorts, they go along with everything, bright nail polish, I wear it all year long but it gives a girly “oomph” to an outfit during summer, and finally, lots of body lotion and sunscreen.

What will you be packing for your summer vacation?

Summer reads! I’m going to be spending my summer on the beach so my top things to pack are some books to enjoy by the shore, my ipod, big shades, and an endless supply of swim suits and flip-flops.

What trend will you be carrying on through to Fall/Winter?

Over accessorizing ! Chunky bracelets, arm candies, and multiple rings have been majorly rocked for a little too long now (esp. in the region), and I’d probably keep it going on since I love my accessories the most.

What inspirations do you take from the Middle Eastern fashion scene?

Dubai is the “boiling pot” of the arab world, the fashion scene is too diverse here, there’s just too much to see, I eventually pick up on the little things, which end up inspiring me.

Sum up your style in one word.

Versatile, one day I’m in my sweats, the next I’m in a ball gown.

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